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Tax Structure Commission

The Vermont Tax Structure Commission was created by Act 11 of 2018 to analyze Vermont’s revenue system, recommend improvements and modernization, and provide a long-term vision for the tax structure. Independent from both the legislative and executive branches of government, the Commission aims to make the tax system more understandable for the public, help policymakers compare the merits of various options, and offer recommendations that can help Vermont’s revenue system work better for Vermonters.

The Commissioners were appointed in fall 2018 and will serve until they deliver their final report on January 15, 2021.

If you have questions or comments for the Commission, you are invited to attend an upcoming meeting You can also email:

Please be advised that, with few exceptions, comments and submissions are posted and available to the public.

Committee Members
Deb Brighton - Chair
Stephen Trenholm - Vice-Chair
Bram Kleppner - Member
Sean Sheehan - Staff Director
Sorsha Anderson - Staff Associate
Susan Mesner - Consultant
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